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TOPIC: ***Figured Something GOOD Out***

***Figured Something GOOD Out*** 4 years 9 months ago #1395

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Also at desmodsracing.net/dmrforum/index.php/topic,8080.0.html

I figured out a way to do the New qualifying format (offline) in Nr2003. Yes its gonna be a pain in the ass so its up to u whether u want to do it or not. (will be a bit tougher for season modes). If u use "Realistic" weather, I would recommend u remember wat it is for Round 1. Than during rounds 2 & 3 set to that setting using "Custom" weather. The only down side is it wont be dynamic durring pract 2 & 3. You will also need "NR2003SaveGameEditor."
Site: home.comcast.net/~jnelso99 File: home.comcast.net/~jnelso99/NR2003SaveGameEditor.zip

Here we go:
-Round 1-
1.Set up the race to have 1st practice
2.Set it for 20 Min (or how ever long Round 1 is, I cant remember)
3.Top 26 advance (top 12 for short tracks/2round sessions)
4.After Practice is over, Export practice times and name it Q_Round1 (or w.e, doesn't matter)
5.Back out than under Opp manager, using the roster u used for Rnd1, uncheck the drivers who were eliminated
6.SAVE AS, than name it w.e
7.You now have the roster set for Round 2

-Round 2- (Skip this if your only doing 2 rounds)
1.Set your weather to w.e u want or had it at, or wat it was. Doesn't matter really, your choice
2.Set the Practice time to 10 or 15
3.Start up practice again, using the Newly saved roster
4.Repeat steps 4-6 from Round 1 (Rename Q_Round2, or w.e. Do NOT save over 1st round stats

-Round 3-
1.Set your weather to w.e u want or had it at, or wat it was for Rounds 1&2.
2.Set Practice time to 5 min.
3.Wen round 3 is done, save.
4.Now, back out, change the roster to you original file (Wat u started round 1 with).
5.Make sure the weather is set w.e u want (realistic or custom) because this is the last time u can change it.
6.Load the track back up (doesn't matter about practice now, I would just turn it off).
7.Qualify and complete at LEAST 1 lap. (If ur not racing, just gonna watch the AI, tha fast-forward it).
8.Click "Save." This will save qualifying for your race.
9.Leave the track, and than the game.
10.Open up "NR2003SaveGameEditor."
11.Click "Open" or "Load" and your saves should pop up. (If it doesn't: Papyrus>NR2003>Players>{your drivers name}>savegame) Click the one u just saved. It will have the track name and physics for current mod u are using.
12.Now, open up your exports folder (Papyrus>NR2003>exports_imports).
13.Open the 3 files you saved during the Qualifying Rounds.
14.They should open up in the internet. (If it cant open: Open With>Choose Program>{Your default Internet source})
15.Set the order based on the Internet saves/files, using the "Editor." (Round1: 27-43, R2: 13-26, R3: 1-12)
16.Once finished, in the editor, "Save." It should automatically save. To test it before closing the "Editor," Open NR and load race (Wen it asks click "Yes"). If your order is custom set, it saved.

Now its time to FINALLY Race! ;D

*NOTES* Make sure u don't save the actual qualifying (in game) until AFTER your qualifying (practice sessions) is fully done. If you do, just 'delete' next time u load up the track. Wen the track loads, I would wait for all the cars/drivers to load in fully 1st, than restart practice. This way u don't loose time. I have to wait cuz I cant do anything until they are all fully loaded. Also, Once the timer runs out than it will kick u out of pract and send u to Qualify. Idk if this is fact or not, or if it gives u some additional time once it runs out. U can still save the practice times tho so that's not a problem. If u want, u can ad 5min to sessions to give everybody 1 more lap. Keep and eye on it tho, so it doesn't go on to long. Im not gonna do that cuz its to much of a pain, and its bad enough u gotta do all of this 2 begin with
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